Band News 12-3-17

Congrats to the 6th grade for doing a great job at the parade! We were blessed with a ton of parent help which made everything run very smoothly!

Now is about the time of year that Clarinet, Oboe, Sax, and Bassoon students start running out of reeds. Please buy a new box. For Clarinet and Sax we suggest “Vandoren #2”. For Oboe and Bassoon we suggest “Jones Med-Soft Reeds” (DO NOT get “soft”) For 8th grade clarinet players who play high notes often, you can move to a Vandoren #2.5 and playing high notes will be much easier.

Woodwind Ensemble Field Trip This Week!
For those 7th and 8th graders in the Woodwind Ensemble, our field trip is this Thursday. I’m attaching our draft schedule below. We’ve had a good number of parents volunteer to chaperone. If a parent has a truck (or large van) it would be really helpful for us to transport our music stands. It takes a ton of time to get them onto the bus. If you can assist with this Thursday, please let me know!

woodwind ensemble 2017 draft Schedule

The Winter Concert is 2 weeks away!!!!
The Winter concert is Sunday, Dec. 17th at Shelburne. The 6th graders arrive at 4:30pm and begin playing at 5pm. The 7th/8th graders arrive at 6pm and begin playing at 6:30pm. Concerts are mandatory and a large part of the students grade. Please plan on being there. We will send out concert commitment forms this Tuesday in the Tuesday Folders.

sms winter concert form 2016

Concert Attire
• White button up shirt (short or long-sleeved)
• Black dress pants (NOT black jeans, jeggings, spandex, or capris)
• Black Shoes and Socks (socks are optional for ladies)
• Black skirts/dresses can be worn, but must be ankle length

If for some reason students can’t get the required attire, if they have something very close that is ok. For example, if they have dark blue pants instead of black. However under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can students wear hoodies. Also If girls choose to wear skirts or dresses, they must go TO THE ANKLE, regardless if leggings are worn. If this is a problem, please wear pants.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to sharing what the students have done with you!