Info for Rising 6th Graders!!!!

Please click the link below to read the flier we sent home with 5th graders about taking band at SMS.

SMS Band Instrument Tryout Information for Rising 6th Grade

If your 5th grade student is interested in taking band next year, please attend our instrument tryout night this Wednesday, April 19th in the SMS cafeteria. If your last name is A-G come at 6pm, H-N at 6:30, O-T at 7pm, U-Z at 7:30pm.
If you can’t make it on that night, you can schedule a time with Mr. Nesmith to try instruments. Please call him at 540-383-3753.

6th Grade Field Trip Form

Click here to download! 6th Grade Field Trip Form

The 6th Graders will be taking a field trip to the elementary schools to play for the 5th graders! We sent home a permission form in the Tuesday folders yesterday.

Please check which group you child will be playing in.

The band is split into two groups by team. Not all of the kids get to go to their elementary school. We used to do this, but the 6th grade teachers requested that we do it by team instead so that the kids miss less instruction.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Band News 2/15/17

I just wanted to send a reminder about all the field trip related things we have coming up!

The students have brought home 2 different permission slips in the past couple weeks. One is for the preview concert on Sunday Feb. 26th and one is for the field trip during the school day on Friday March 3rd. Here are the forms.

2017 Band Competition permission form

Preview Concert commitment form

WE NEED CHAPERONES. I witnessed a rather funny conversation with some 8th grade flute players on how to conspire to prevent their parents from signing up. I know middle school kids don’t always want to be seen with their parents, but I’m of the firm belief that they actually do appreciate it when the parents are there. We need 1 parent for every 10 kids to be able to go on any school field trip, so don’t be shy. Sign up 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here is the recap for your schedule book…..

Sunday Feb. 26th – Preview Concert @Lee High School
Casual attire for students
Symphonic Band arrives at 6pm to run through a few things beforehand.
Concert Band arrives at 6:45 to take their seats on stage and warm up.
The official concert begins at 7pm.

Friday March 3rd – Band Competition Field Trip @Skyline Middle School
Formal Concert attire is required for students.
This trip is during the school day. Estimated time is 8:30am-2pm.
Students can buy lunch at a fast food chain (last year we stopped at Cookout, Wendy’s, and Burger King). They can also pack lunch or request a school bag lunch.
We need a minimum of 5 chaperones for Symphonic Band and 8 Chaperones for Concert Band.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!!!!